DMN Podcast Episode 44: NAB 2008 Recap with Ko Maruyama
Podcast By David Basulto There was a lot of buzz at this years NAB. Where was Apple? Were they missed? Avid? What about the 3D phenomenom? Is it a fad? And Scarlett, scarlett, scarlett. The Red Camera booth was once again a crowd favorite. ...Read More »
DMN Podcast Episode 43: Smartsound's Brian Dickman
Podcast By David Basulto One of my favorite software tools over the last year has been Smartsound's Sonicfire Pro 4.5. It literally saved me on a recent film I directed. I was out of money for music but was able to create the perfect sound for a few scenes in the film. ...Read More »
DMN Podcast Episode 42: Western Digital's Jennifer Serfas
Podcast By David Basulto Since I began doing post production on my own projects five years ago, I realized the importance of having a reliable source for external hard drives. Being able to back up my massive video files is vital and key to my business. I have learned the hard way that one thing is certain; you never know when you will need to revisit those files but when you do they better be there. ...Read More »
DMN Podcast Episode 41: Imagineer Systems Allan Jaenicke discusses the products and upcoming Mogul release
Podcast By David Basulto It`s been a year now since I began using Imagineer Systems applications. From doing wire removal with Mokey to complex tracking and rotoscoping with Mocha, I have definitely acquired a taste for them. Although I plan my shows with extreme micro managed skills there is always a time when something I don`t want gets into the shot and I have no fear since I have my Imagineer Systems suite of tools. ...Read More »
DMN Podcast Episode 40: Blue Cat Screenplay Contest Founder Gordy Hoffman
Podcast By David Basulto Everyone has a story that they want to get out. If this sounds like you, today`s show is a perfect fit. In the screenwriting game, persistence and hard work pay off. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is yours for the taking. ...Read More »
DMN Podcast Episode 39: IMUG Founder Carey Dissmore and Co-chair Steve Kahn
Podcast By David Basulto With NAB 2008 coming up I decided to get two great guys on the horn. Welcome to Carey Dissmore and Steve Kahn. Both are fantastic content makers. Carey is the founder of International Media Users Group ( ), and Steve is the Co-chair. Their event at NAB is the ever popular MediaMotionBall. ...Read More »
DMN Podcast Episode 38: DVD Guru Bruce Nazarian on the DVD wars
Podcast By David Basulto We all stood by waiting for the inevitable. Most of us, in my opinion, had rooted for the underdog. Does this sound like a championship boxing match? Well its not. It`s the DVD format wars: HD DVD vs BluRay. ...Read More »
DMN Podcast Episode 37: VFX artist and author Mark Sawicki
Podcast By David Basulto I have always been a huge fan of getting the fundamentals in whatever you choose to do under your belt. Every great building stands upon a solid foundation. Although it may seem repetitive it is extremely necessary. ...Read More »
DMN Podcast Episode 36:`s Rosabel Tao
Podcast By David Basulto is the virtual ad agency. In its stable are thousands of talented folks from around the globe. If you feel up to the test check them out. What they are doing is cutting edge stuff. Welcome Rosabel Tao, SpotRunner.coms VP of Communications. ...Read More »
DMN Podcast Episode 35: Lighting guru Bill Holshevnikoff
Podcast By David Basulto Any content creator knows that there are two vital parts of production that must be top notch. They are sound and lighting. Having low quality in either area can literally keep your content from selling. ...Read More »

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