Premiere Pro Podcast #24: Creating a Sports Highlight Reel part 1
By Jeff Schell In Part 1 of this two part podcast, host Jeff Schell shows you how to take a clip of a football game -- or any sporting event -- and use Premiere Pro's built-in Time Remapping effects to create slow motion "slowmos" and freeze frames. This real-world example illustrates how to identify an event in a video clip and separate the Time-Remapping keyframes around that event so that the video speed smoothly decelerates instead of immediately jumping to slow-motion, as previous versions of Premiere used to do. ...Read More »

DMN Podcast Episode 34 Director of Photography Aaron Platt
By David Basulto I love cinematographers. They have saved my life on many occasions by making a bad shot decision look great. A good one is hard to find. If you find that magic one, keep him or her by your side forever. ...Read More »

DMN Podcast Episode 33 Phillip Hodgetts discusses
By David Basulto How to make money with media on the Internet has been the $64,000 question for more than a decade. Merchant prices always seem to crush any vision of selling content for micro amounts. Price the content too high and it will never sell. ...Read More »

Podcast #23: Creating a Title on a Reflective Surface
By Jeff Schell In this week's tutorial, Host Jeff Schell shows you step-by-step how to create a title on a reflective surface. Jeff begins with the Lighting Effects on a color matte to add visual interest to the background. ...Read More »

DMN Podcast Episode 32 2008 Macworld Expo Recap
By David Basulto DMN Podcast host Dave Basulto talks about the 2008 Macworld Expo in San Francisco and all the cool gadgets that he saw at this year's show. ...Read More »

Podcast #22: Coloring a washed-out sky with a gradient in Premiere Pro CS3
By Jeff Schell In this week's podcast, Host Jeff Schell tackles a question direct from the DMN Premiere Pro forum, "How do you create a gradient background?" Jeff shows you a simple method for replacing a washed-out or white sky with a subtle blue gradient. Jeff walks you through the steps of applying the Ramp video effect, and discusses some of the Ramp effect options. ...Read More »

DMN Podcast Episode 31 Gridiron Softwares Steve Forde has a big announcement
By David Basulto If you use Adobe After Effects you know todays guest Steve Forde. Steves company Gridiron Software is the creators for Nucleo Pro. Nucleo Pro, among other great features, enables you to continue working in After Effects while a background render is going on. I cant imagine my After Effects workflow without it. ...Read More »

Podcast #21: Using a Photoshop File as a Clipping Mask in Premiere Pro CS3
By Jeff Schell In this week's podcast, Host Jeff Schell goes to the viewer mailbag to answer a question from a Photoshop user, who wants to know how to cut a hole in a video to let the video below show through. Jeff helps to convert some of the Photoshop lingo-- such as "clipping masks" -- into Premiere Pro CS3 terminology -- such as "track mattes." ...Read More »

Podcast #20: Creating a slide-show in Premiere Pro CS3 (Part 2)
By Jeff Schell This week's podcast is part 2 of a 2 part series on how to create a slide show in Premiere Pro CS3. Last week, Host Jeff Schell showed you how to use the Automate to Sequence utility that quickly builds a slide-show in your sequence with transitions between each image. This week, Jeff focuses on adding scale and position keyframes to those images to achieve slow zooms into and subtle pans across the images. ...Read More »

DMN Podcast Episode 30 I heart Wacom tablets
By David Basulto Yes it is true. I heart Wacom tablets. I was a mouse guy for years until a year ago when I really wanted more control over my 3D work. After all I am left handed and I was drawing with my right hand with my mouse. Not exactly a great workflow. After doing my research and speaking to some industry folk I picked up a Wacom Intuos tablet. At first it was a bit strange but I was able to adjust quickly. I am now a pen and tablet addict. ...Read More »


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